Sunday, March 26, 2006

Condi says we'll talk to the Russkies...

Than maybe have some tea, and this time she'll remember to bring a cake, and...

So okay, I was dead-wrong about Condi. She's in over her head, comes out with ludicrous nanny-isms unbefitting a conservative administration, forgets that she came from nowhere and with scant qualifications for the post yet bitches about senior diplomats who've actually paid their dues, and while she's not Maddy Al(not-so)bright chasing Arafat down a hall in high heels just to get him back to talking to those evil Jews, her tenure has been a disappointment for me. But W does so like his secretary gals and with any luck she won't say or do anything all that stupid over the next several years.

Rice: U.S. to Query Russia on Iraq Intel

"We will certainly raise it with the Russian government. We want to take a real hard look at the documents and then raise it with the Russian government," Rice said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"I will tell you that we take very seriously any suggestion that a foreign government may have passed information to the Iraqis prior to the American invasion that might have put our troops in danger," Rice told "Fox News Sunday."
"I do think we owe it to everyone to take a hard look at the reports and to really understand what's there."
I kind of get the impression she wants to raise a hard look, or something hard, or maybe both but what do I know. But if anyone knows what those documents contain it is she, and pretending that some nebulous nuance might have escaped her perusal is ludicrous.

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