Friday, March 31, 2006

Enough Sissifying...

S&W pre-Model 10. Manufactured in 1946.

Condition is like-new, and this, my friends, is one helluva rare find.

Not mine, dammitall. Last snubby I wanted to buy was sold for about $200 over it's worth, but the old Smiths are appreciating like nobody's business.


badanov said...

Nice looking unit, Fits.

That is not the same as the Police Special is it?

Fits said...

I do not believe so, Bad, but as my knowledge of S&W is not as encompassing as say, Lems is, I'll withhold the final word for someone with more expertise.

The grips are aftermarket, and that's the only thing to detract from any collector-type value. What amazed me was the pristine condition of this revolver. Someone took more than just good care of it for a heck of a long time, and the accompanying email said that it had never been fired.

Lemuel Calhoon said...

Smith never made anything called the "Police Special". They did, and do, manufacture a "Chief's Special" which is a 5 shot "J" frame.

You may be thinking of the M&P, or Military and Police". That was the name of the original Model 10 and is what is pictured here.

You might also be thinking of the Colt Police Positive which was a "D" frame. Other "D" Frame revolvers were the Detective Special and the Diamondback.