Friday, March 24, 2006

Funky Factoid Friday

The Ku Klux Klan, as we know it today, is actually the second version of the infamous White Supremist group. The first was founded after the Civil War, but languished in the Solid South and quite nearly disappeared. It wasn't until after WWI that the Klan became a true force for segregation, and spread from it's humble backroom barbershop Southern roots to many other states in the Union.

One of the problems the Klan, and it's liberal Democratic supporters had, was with the fact that virtually all men who had reached their maturity could openly, or clandestinely carry firearms, and this could create quite a problem when confronting an uppity nigger.

That was soon solved with the advent of stricter gun laws, and the outright ban in the carrying of a concealed weapon. The northern Klan/Democrat took up the southern cry for No-Saturday-Nigger-Specials, changing it to Saturday-Night-Specials so as not to offend the clueless.

Permits were costly if not impossible to obtain; Judges or Sheriffs were in charge of dispensing them and certainly would not allow just any old nigger to walk away with one, and holding a hidden gun on one's person was soon outlawed in most states that fell for the Klan/Democrat version of why handguns in particular were evil and should not be owned by mere civilians.

So yes, Virginia, the Democrats took away a lot of our guns, and a lot of our rights. We've been fighting the good fight ever since, and the vast majority of states allow for concealed carry. And, much to the Democrats dismay, even for niggers.

We beat them on slavery. We are beating them on the 2nd Amendment. And with any luck we'll soon see another turn-around with regards to the other Democratic plank of abortion on demand as just another method of birth control.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

I think the original term was "Niggertown Saturday Night" which led to "Saturday Night Special".

Fits said...

Wouldn't quibble with that, as I am old enough to have heard it said various ways. The first time when I was 6 and in Florida visiting my Grandmother. Remembered the rythym of the way it was pronounced, emulated it, and was nearly beaten severely by my father.

Fits said...


And it was used in reference to describe any gun that was inexpensive enough for blacks to buy, and if blacks DID own such a weapon, no self-respecting KKK/Democrat would ever buy one.

Lemuel Calhoon said...

Not long after I found my first Colt 1911 in .38 Super I had to go to a county in the middle part of NC on business. On the outskirts of the town I stopped at a gun store to look around (whenever I have time and see a gun store, you understand) as to ask for directions to the courthouse. While there I asked if they had any .38 Super ammo in stock. The owner said that he wouldn't stock that cartridge because it was the "Mexican round". It seems that all the Mexicans have .38 Supers. It seems that Mexico outlaws "military" calibers for civilian use so no 9MM or .45 ACP is allowed for the peons.

Fits said...

Yep. Same as with most European countries that don't allow firearms chambered in military calibers. Military rounds are massively powerful, super destroyers of all life, suitable for raining hellfire down upon an enemy, and not suitable for the rabble. Target shooting only, thank you, and let's not over-do it or you'll break your wrist or dislocate your shoulder.