Monday, March 27, 2006


"Sino-Russian romance is undercutting U.S. global interests on an unprecedented scale. Indeed, Russia and China seem to have their eyes on restraining European and Japanese power, too.

Start with the United Nations, where Russia and China are hampering U.S.- and European Union-led efforts to address Iran's nuclear program. It's been weeks since the Security Council got official notice that Iran had violated its nonproliferation promises - yet the U.N. body has yet to manage to even condemn Tehran's actions, much less impose economic sanctions.

No surprise: Both Moscow and Beijing have way too much at stake to bully their buddy, Tehran. China has billions invested in Iran's oil/gas fields; Russia hopes to make its own billions by reprocessing Iranian reactor fuel. And both sell millions in advanced weapons to Iran.
Russian and Chinese unwillingness has also stalled the world's drive to contain and roll back North Korea's nuclear-weapons program. While Pyongyang may be an annoying, needy country cousin for Moscow and Beijing, neither minds that the issue causes nuclear-strength heartburn for Washington, exacerbating festering U.S.-South Korean alliance problems.

China certainly doesn't lose sleep over North Korean missiles bore-sighted on Japan, either.
Wow, China and Russia acting together to thwart the rest of humanity. Yawn. They've got "The Bomb" so must be taken seriously, but neither has a real economy that could survive removing the crutches the West props them up with.

The problem is, and always has been, a wishy-washy Europe. And take this to the bank to use as fodder to argue with tree-huggers...if there WERE alternative energy resources then Japan would be employing them even as we speak. Russia has fossil fuel supplies and isn't afraid to exploit them, while we weep over the plight of the reindeer.

It's all about energy and will BE all about energy.

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