Thursday, March 23, 2006

Once Again...It's: Talk To King Solomon Time

Around Solomon himself there sprang up the myth of extraordinary kingly splendor and superhuman wisdom.

So okay, your Kingness, here's the deal; vile creatures are selling more and more drugs to school children, AND worst of all, right IN the schools, so what should we do?

"Then add a harsher penalty to such monsters that would so poison our children at their very centers of learning! What could be the need to beseech me for something as simple as all this?"

Drug-Free Zones Off-Target, Group Says

Sorry, Sol, but the liberals say that this disproportionately effects minorities because minorities sell most of the drugs then minorities get caught then minorities go to jail. Can't be sending minorities to jail like that.

Think of it another way; killers do pretty much all of the killing, but to focus on just one group of people, the killers, is biased. It's singling them out for punishment just because they happen to belong to a certain minority group, and that should be against the law.

Sol? Sol, you there?



Lemuel Calhoon said...

How often do they bust people selling six packs of beer in schools?

Fits said...

Asking the wrong guy. In the stone age, we wouldn't even think of bringing anything illegal into a school.