Friday, March 24, 2006

Global Panty Sniffing

Global warming. How's about global cooling? That's what some of the. cough, liberal asswipe, eggheads were caterwauling about in the 79's and into the 80's. All research was leading to the conclusion that...

Well, NO research had really led to any conclusion, because the science of climate change is in it's infancy and no one knows a damn thing.

Wanna know what they DO know? Okay then. Let's look at the oldest verifiable temperature recorded in these United States. West Point, New York. Since 1838 until 2005, the temperature in West Point, New York has not changed. At all. One city, but all of the older records pretty much show the same thing. Sometimes we go through a period of cooling, and sometimes a period of warming.

Now, bigger cities ALWAYS mean temperature fluctuations to beat the band, but generally speaking the bigger a city gets the warmer it becomes. By a degree Farenheit or two over the long run. Not a lot, nothing to get all excited about, but getting excited is what the moonbats do. Instant gratification, fast food, instant termination of an unwanted pregnancy, you see where I'm going with this. Moonbats MUST be proved correct in EVERYTHING they do because what the fuck else do they have in life. Compassion? Tell that to the slaves it took over 60 years to free. Children? Don't make me laugh. How's about dead or wounded fighting men. Samey-same.

No, they care about one thing and one thing only. Some go to Hollywood and get to relieve the strong urge to become a weeny-flasher by acting out such fantasies on a sound stage, and instead of going to jail they get to become millionaires.

Exibitionists will ALWAYS expose themselves one way or another, and that's why Hollywood is chockerblock full of insane perverts jerking off whenever a camera turns their way. If it's against the law to expose their pathetic private parts, well then exposing their pathetic little brains will have to do.

So never take ANY of this Global Warming or Global Cooling shit too seriously, because at the end of the day no one with any brains knows shit yet. But the following is interesting in that it focuses on one reason why certain temperature fluctuations might be occuring.

Telegraph News The truth about global warming - it's the Sun that's to blame

Found the above over at Misha's.

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