Thursday, March 23, 2006

You Know You've Got Them On The Run When...

...they find Jesus.

And Rodham has found him, but good. In a move to head off meaningful immigration reform, all kind of sluts and crooks, and ugly people have been looking for guidance from above, and it seems that the former First Lesbian has latched on to something hot and lo and behold it wasn't another woman. The so desperately need to cater to the legal immigrants, so they entice them by promising to allow their friends, families, pets, and garden pests entry into the US of A pretty much any damned time they so please.

The Rod'ster says that the sort of reformation put forth by the Republicans would have banned Jesus himself, and you gotta give this Congresscritter a hand for having the bronze ones to refer to the deity of all Christianity as being no better than a murdering wetback looking for his next victim on this side of the border.

This creature actually believes she stands a chance at becoming President.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

I am now 80% less worried about November 2008.

Fits said...

Feels good to relax, doesn't it.