Saturday, March 25, 2006

With Friends Like This...

Russians Helped Iraq, Study Says
Russian officials collected intelligence on U.S. troop movements and attack plans from inside the American military command leading the 2003 invasion of Iraq and passed that information to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, according to a U.S. military study released yesterday.
But for anyone to believe that this came as a surprise to our military isn't aware of how much we so distrust the Russkies. Our Generals are feigning shock, and not very well. What it boiled down to seems to have been not much more than CNN was broadcasting 24/7, and none of it helped Saddam, duh. Does drive home the fact that the Russians remain traitorous scum who would sell us out for the right price. Duh.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

Since we know what the Russians are going to do we can use them to feed disinformation to our enemies.

We should let them in on our plans to carpet nuke Iran unless they give up their nuclear program before September.

Fits said...

Copy that. I can't help but believe that we knew all along that the Russkies would sell us out and gave them as much bad information as we could.

badanov said...

I think what is more important than the unsurprising news that the Russians would help a long-time client, is that our military has a rat in the nest that transmitted that information.