Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thoughts for a sunny Sunday

What the Clinton years wrought, or, no longer The Arsenal of Democracy.

Does anyone remember the arsenal of Democracy. Gave me a chill when I first heard that phrase. WWII taught us the lesson we'd never forget, but then some of the brainiacs who ran major corporations hitched their stars to liberal politicians and the slippery slope became forever greased with bad intentions.

Slick Willie's administration closed more armories, warehouses, and ammunition plants than any in recent history, to be replaced by the just-in-time sort of inventory that businesses love, but a military cannot abide by. Soldiers, sailors, and Marines live and die by being able to leap into the fray fulled armed and at a moments notice, and what IBM feels is just-in-time can't hack it in the business of life and death.

We had storage facilities and warehouses all over the country, hell, the world, and it's true that you go to war with the army you have, but if the army has had it's logistics torn asunder by the bean counters men will die because central warehousing seems to be a great idea. Forts, camps, bases, outposts, all necessary to feed the pipeline of a capable war machine no longer exist, and National Guard units are scrambling to find a rifle here, a sidearm there, just to maintain a moderate level of training.

Donald Rumsfeld was continuing these disastrous policies right up until the ridiculous armor flap of a year or so back, and just when you come to believe they've seen the error of their ways he or someone under him wil be crowing about how much money they've saved the military by shutting down some "antiquated" storage facility.

And more of the people sworn to protect us will die. Walk into a large police facility in ANY big liberal community and you'll see more weapons and more capabilities than most standing army's have. The moonbats DO so love being protected, but despise outfitting our service people to the same level of readiness.

The Arsenal of Democracy. Not us, not any more. There was never a time when the 2nd Amendment was more important. We are at war with an insidious foe, besieged by a criminal presence that attacks from within, and law enforcement has heard from the highest courts that they must no longer protect their communities. It then falls on the shoulders of each and every one of us to keep and bear the arms necessary for our survival, all the while fighting the liberals who would make us victims.

But, let the yearly flu vaccine dwindle to the same just-in-time level of inventory and watch them howl.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

Wish I could add something to that to make it more to the point, but I can't. You said it all.

Fits said...

Copy. Much obliged.