Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And Now A Word From A Modern RHINO...

Otherwise known as John Podhoretz:

"Because of canny political planning, Democrats may be able to turn out Hispanics for the November elections. And if they keep up the drumbeat, they may be able to stall out and reverse the progress made by George W. Bush in winning this classically Democratic constituency over to the GOP.

And that's where the long-range planning comes in. If Hispanics become convinced that Republicans are hostile to them, they may become as reliable a Democratic core group as African-Americans now are. And given the growth in the number of Hispanic voters over the coming two decades, that scenario could spell doom for the Republican Party in the first half of the 21st century."
Not that J-Pod has ever been anything more than a fair-weather Republican, but this is hypocrisy at it's worst. It's the LACK of conviction that turns away people of good will, John, and intimating that yeah, Conservatives are correct about immigration but they shouldn't piss off the beaners is typical of the wishy-washy bullshit that turns people off. To complain that the Mainstream Media portrays Conservatives in a bad light then using that same Media to offer a doom & gloom scenario rather than presenting the facts not only plays into the liberals hands, it emulates what is so very sickening about them.

They bend and break whenever it suits them. That's why they're THEM, John. And if doing the right thing pisses off people of Spanish descent then fuck them, and the burro they road in on.

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