Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sac Me Blue!! Chirac Throws Hissy Fit...

Jacques Chirac, French president, Thursday night stormed out of a European Union summit after a French industrialist began addressing leaders of the bloc in English.

Mr Chirac and two senior French ministers walked out in protest at the decision of Ernest-Antoine Seillière, head of the Unice employers organisation, to make a plea for economic reform in what he called “the language of business”.
Sweet mother of pearl but thank heavens for the Fwench. Just when the world seems to be a more dangerous, complicated place than ever, they give us the Retreat of The Frightened Brigade to banish our anxieties and replace them with a chuckle.

"FLEE!! The man speaks ENGLISH!!"
And thanks to the Anklebiting Pundits for bringing this to my attention.

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