Friday, March 31, 2006

Either A Darwin-Award Candidate Or...

INDUSTRY, Calif. - A deputy was apparently accidentally shot to death while cleaning his gun at a Los Angeles County sheriff's facility, officials said Thursday. It was the department's third death in seven days.

A fellow deputy discovered the body of Deputy Paul Wilms, 38, after 5 a.m. Thursday in a sheriff's youth center across the street from the Industry station, said Deputy R.J. Suarez.Wilms had a gunshot wound to his upper torso, Suarez said."It appears he was cleaning his weapon," Capt. Ray Peavy said. "We believe this probably occurred last night. In the course of cleaning his weapon, a round was discharged. At this point, it appears to be an accidental shooting."
Uh huh. Can't begin to remember the number of times I've been cleaning a gun and it went off. Uh huh. One always points the gun at one's "upper torso" and squeezes the trigger during cleaning.

Uh huh.

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