Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So I spent the entire morning in a class about sexual harassment and "DIVERSITY".

This is mandatory if I am going to drive cripple folk, and hell, ANY folk nowadays. I might decide to take advantage of a legless woman, or not understand that DIVERSITY really means QUOTA.

It was horrible. And it took a concentrated effort not to arise from my chair and strangle the little fruitcup giving the class. "Isn't it soooooo sad that the NATIVE AMERICANS are the only people who must PROVE their bloodline??????"

No. It's not. It was THEIR idea to begin with so STFU and by the way, creampie, I'm a fucking NATIVE AMERICAN, too. So what that their ancestors beat mine here? Mine came from Europe, theirs from Asia, and just like their NATIVE ASIANS, they didn't have jack shit for technology and had to bend over to the West until they borrowed enough to stand half a chance to survive.

Doesn't anyone else find it strange that Asia has not contributed ANYTHING to civilization? Acupuncture? Don't make me laugh. Dolphin soup? Well, it's tasty as hell, so maybe I'll grant you that. Powdered rhinocerous horn? Please. Chinese Take-Out was invented in NYC and bears little or no resemblance to the swill they eat in cat-pie land, and NO they did NOT have gunpowder. They had useless firecracker powder and never thought to work it into a weapon because when push comes to shove asians love sharp edges.

Where was I...

Oh yeah. Class. Or the lack thereof. I suffered through it because the ends justify the means, but it was painful listening to that fragile little flower drone on and on about what we OWE to minorities. And how I should address a black person by the title he or she so chooses, and not MY OWN. Nigger is of course just stupid, Colored is what the older folks still refer to themselves as , but to me it sounds dumb, Afro-American is verbotten, African-American is so-so, and Black should work but be on the lookout for a frowny face then beg forgiveness and try again if you muck it up.

No good deed goes unpunished.

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