Friday, March 24, 2006

Sticks And Stones

And since it's SO MUCH FUN picking on Mary-Landers

Chief in Md. Urges Close Of Internet Police Forum

Officials Condemn Derisive Md. Chat

By Ernesto LondoñoWashington Post Staff Writer: Friday, March 24, 2006

Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger called on the department's union yesterday to take down an online message board that some police officers have used as a forum for disparaging, and sometimes racist, remarks about colleagues, supervisors, immigrants and other members of the community.

Some of the messages, copies of which were published in The Washington Post yesterday, refer to Latino immigrants as "beaners."

The union said it would not shut down the board, saying that it serves a legitimate purpose and that doing so would curtail officers' right to free speech."
Beaner? They're bitching because a privately owned site has people who say "Beaner"?

Guess a Chief with such a pronounced hairlip would be sensitive to such things.

Wonder what they're calling him? Bet it's a riot.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

I can't help it. "Beaner" always makes me laugh.

Fits said...

Ain't it the truth. Makes everyone laugh. Except the PC'ers in Mary-Land.