Monday, March 27, 2006

This just in from Stop The ACLU...

"Thought you all might like to know the latest update on Abdul Rahman. We should be the first to offer this man Asylum."

An Afghan man who faced the death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity has appealed for asylum in another country, the United Nations said Monday. U.N. spokesman Adrian Edwards said the world body was working with the Afghan government to meet the request by Abdul Rahman, 41. "Mr. Rahman has asked for asylum outside Afghanistan," Edwards said. "We expect this will be provided by one of the countries interested in a peaceful solution to this case."
Sure, why not. Not that we would be first on his list of places to relocate to, but I'm sure an offer has or will be forthcoming. Condi likes to keep everybody happy, so creating a let's-save-Abdul program isn't a thing she'll initiate, but if the coast is clear she'll play it safe and keep a door open for him.

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