Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Box O' Truth

Those wacky Box O' Truth guys are at it again, this time pitting antiquated cartridges against modern body armor. Well, the rifle rounds weren't bad, but anyone STILL using Hydra-Shok ammunition is stuck in a time warp with no hope of escape. No one in their right mind would expect a hollowpoint to do anything but flatten against armor, and that's why full metal jackets still have a place in the old toolbox. The .40 caliber is so varied that one could choose from a plethora of different munitions such as fast and light, or slow and heavy depending upon what job needed to be done, but that remains a total mystery to these chaps.

The concept of the Box continues to be interesting, but far beyond the limited knowledge and imaginations of it's creators with regards to generating meaningful results.

And I've long since stopped offering them modern ammunition, free of charge. Some folks like yesterday far too much to turn the calendar.

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