Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More trips down mammor...strike that...MEMORY Lane...

Preparing to dump AOL and am looking for some old posts over there that made some sense, such as my updated version of I'm Sorry. Blogger forgot to include the link...don't ask me the original mea culpa but I'll look for it again.

Anyway, here was a 1911 rant that someone sent to me:

A 1911 is: A 39-ounce, all steel, 5-inch, single-action, 7-round pistol with a slide-locking manual safety and a pivoting grip safety with an inertial, spring-loaded firing pin that doesn't NEED a blocking device if the spring is changed every few years. It has a barrel bushing and a single, linear-rate recoil spring, and an internal extractor made of good, spring-tempered steel, and if it has a true, captive half-cock, it can be carried in Condition One for a hundred years as safely as a loaded gun can be carried.

It is also more durable and probably more functionally reliable than anything you can buy...assuming that everything within the gun is correct and in-spec...and halfway decent ammo is loaded into good magazines.A Colt Commander is NOT a 1911. Neither is an Officer's Model or Defender. Ditto for a Para P-14 or LDA.
A Doctoral thesis could be written on this subject, but suffice to say that the above declaration contains more assumptions than you can shake a stick at.

Here's the deal: Millions of 1911's were made for the US military. Tens of thousands...the best of the best...survived to be passed down to shooters who then fell in love with them. The crap was long since weeded out, and a great many folken drew the wrong conclusions.

Can you obtain a new-in-box Model 1911 semi-automatic .45 caliber pistol that'll outshoot and outlast a Glock, for under a grand? How about $500? If not, then saying you get what you pay for doesn't mean there has been a fair comparison. Lots of sub-$1000 handguns will work just fine without a snick of tinkering. John Moses Browning's gun will not. Lots of sub-$1000 handguns are being used in countries all over the world, military and police, but no 1911's are. Given the choice, and there ARE plenty of reasons for this, there have been modern armies and PD's that have chosen the frickin Walther P-38 first. Sweet little gun, ther P-38, I won one, but it cannot use modern ammunition, and has all the knockdown power of a wet noodle.

Yes, yes, I know they're far more cheaply made nowadays but what isn't.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

A box stock 1911 from Springfield Armory or any of a number of other companies will function just fine with the 230 gr. FMJ that the pistol was designed to shoot.

Fits said...