Friday, March 24, 2006

Ralph Peters On Civil War...

Sure. Civil war must be between two conflicting governments entrenched within one nation. That's a given. Civil strife is when one particular group of people or another come to the conclusion the other side ain't pretty. Now on to Iraq:

* In our own Civil War, over 600,000 Americans died in four years.
* In the brutal Spanish Civil War, hundreds of thousands died fighting, while an unknown number of others perished as a result of the struggle's general effects.
* During the Chinese civil war, tens of millions died - exact figures will never be known.
* Millions died as a result of the Korean and Vietnamese civil wars.
* How many millions died in the Russian civil war will never be known.
* The last decade's interrelated civil wars in the former Yugoslavia killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions.
* The series of African civil wars sparked by the genocide in Rwanda and spilling into Congo/Zaire and the Great Lakes region killed 3 million to 4 million - while the Clinton administration whistled past the graveyard.
* Other African civil wars, from Biafra, Angola and Mozambique through Sierra Leone and Liberia to Sudan and Ivory Coast, killed at least 10 million - indeed, it would be hard to find a better vantage point from which to ponder the effects of real civil wars than the tragic African continent.
Does any of this really sound like Iraq? Only Saddam's attempted genocide against the Kurds and the Shi'a Marsh Arabs came anywhere close."
The difference between the conflict in Iraq...fueled by outside interest groups for the most part...and previous civil disturbances throughout history, is the fact that back then the MAINSTREAM media wasn't around to chronicle and whine about every last detail.

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