Saturday, April 22, 2006

Be that word our sign of parting...

Did a bad thing, to myself today. Went and looked at a blog I hadn't tuned into for a while, and it made me as queasy as the last time I ventured so forth, and why do I do such things.

I have a real life, a beautiful wife, and fun hobbies up the yingyang. I've sent enemies of my country on to Buddha, and Allah, and Jesus, and Vishnu, and Thor knows where else. The big jigsaw was long ago assembled into a fair the well, and my laurels feel just fine, thank you. I find the time to web log because I find such communication to be humorous, and take very little to heart. I've been successful in most of life's endeavors, am not on mood elevating drugs, rarely drink alcohol of any kind and remember what marijuana smells like but that's about it.

Then why blog? Aren't most bloggers constantly bitching about their private life's, or how women suck and can't be trusted, or how their families are frigged to the nines, or work is a drag, or...sorry Dennis...they need to lose weight bigtime?

Guess that's why more and more I find myself drawn to other people with real lives instead of the "I'm going to be famous one day if only my wife or brother or sister or boss or YOU fucking people would leave me alone!"

This doesn't mean the political/humor sites are off limits, hell no. The Anti-Idiotarian that is Misha seems to be an otherwise well balanced human being even though he goes medieval on jerkwads, but he's good at it and good needs an audience. Pat over at Born Again Redneck is ridiculously even keeled and takes time to smell the roses. Who knows college sports better than Badanov. Moxie is Moxie and keeps us abreast of both good and bad without ever-pining for more, more, more like some folks I "know". When Lem grows up he's going to be one helluva blogger because the basics are there but who DOESN'T need the edges rounded off a tad? Stop The ACLU keeps the bad guys feet to the fire, Coulter is too famous for ME to comment upon, Aaron is more than witty, Woody has a terrific ear to the ground, and if I've forgotten others it's because I'm old, not rude.

I'm sure that all of them have bad days, but not EVERY day is a bad experience that needs be vented a-line, which brings me full circle back to one of the joints I used to hang at. Misery loves company so some folks will have an audience till the crack of doom, but not this audience. In this great big world of ours there's room a'plenty for the unhinged, but the darkness of other peoples souls can, and will wear off. The net is addictive and what we do while addicted can leave a nasty rug burn on the pysche, so be careful, that's all. They'll tell you how to run your own blog, and how you should comment, if at all, and what topics to cover and/or dismiss. All while living alone in a castle replete with everything but heart, soul, or personality.

Now think about it for a sec. How can such losers offer advice to anyone about anything and be listened to. What have they done in life to rate such attentiveness. Do they only attract other losers? Is there balm in Gilead? Opinions ARE like assholes; everyone has one but some people ARE one. The stunning beautiful Lisa accuses me of wishing to right wrongs that should remain wrong because without miscreants we'd have nothing to compare ourselves to. I'm not bright enough to know if she's correct, but do know that the occasional windmill tilt only hurts for a little while and leaves nothing like the scar of NOT asking Silver to Hi-Ho.

Which reminds me that a commenter called me an asshole recently, but I am, and so what? We all can't be Arnold/Tom Cruise/William Buckley rolled into one, and know what? Some gals once asked me to dance at a bachelorette party, so there.


Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

"...ridiculously even keeled..."

Mostly. It takes a hurricane to capsize me. I too have stopped visiting certain blogs because of their pervading doom and gloom. And I'm real glad I found your sane and stimulating blog.

Fits said...

Far too kind of you, old man. We elder statesmen *should* stick together.

Lemuel Calhoon said...

"When Lem grows up he's going to be one helluva blogger because the basics are there but who DOESN'T need the edges rounded off a tad?"

I've heard that you can get to be a big blog by kissing big blogger's asses. Can I start with Moxie, Michelle Malkin and Sondra K?

Fits said...

Um, I really don't know who Sondra K is, Lem. Think I've heard the name here and there but keeping up with this stuff is just too frickin tiresome.

But I get yer drift.