Friday, April 28, 2006

Stop The ACLU Wants You...

To comment upon the threat level that Iran has reached, and...

"Another factor that can not be left out when putting your hopes into the UN is that Russia and China both have their own interests at heart, and to say it nicely…trusting either of these two Nations would be a gamble."

Both Russia and China NEED Iranian energy. Both Russia and China would HATE to see Iran reduced to one area after another of nothing but fields of green glass, so of course neither has allowed "suitrcase nukes" to fall into Iranian hands, blackmarket or otherwise. The nanosecond after such a detonation in the US, or Israel, or on the soil of ANY ally, the brainiacs are determining from whence the fissionable material came, and who to blame.

It is a high stakes game, well of course. TOO high for either commie faction to help kindle a nuclear exchange just because the mullahs want their virgins. That's why the raghats need personalized bombs. Won't help them in doing anything but scaring the ever loving shit out of Europe, but scaring the every loving shit out of Europe is, for centuries on end, what EVERY maniac has done so why should the Iranians be any different. But if a big bomb goes off, the red phones begin ringing off the hook in Peking and Moscow and say farewell to the suddenly all-alone sand fleas.

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