Saturday, April 29, 2006

D'Jets D'Pick D'Brickshaw D'4th

Sure he has a ludicrous name, it's obligatory given the circumstances, but this young man is projected to be a stalwart left tackle for years to come. He has plenty of time to flesh out his 6'6" frame past the lightweight 310 lbs he carried while rah-rah'ing, and the Jets next move is to tell him "EAT."

Center Nick Mangold is who they took at 29th, and if Mangold can stay roughly the size of his Mom he'll be okay, but here's a 6'3" 300 pounder who is far too undersized to start in the NFL, but has the skills to carry another 40 pounds once they get him on a pro "conditioning" program.

Undersized, but athletic linemen. Always an iffy choice in the NFL given the size and athleticism of modern defenses.

They're up again soon and we'll update their selection at 35.


Being the Jets, they couldn't help themselves and traded the 35th pick for future junk. This of course reflects the owner wanting to save some bucks for now, and bodes ill for the team. Not that anything would bode well for this misfit organization, but a fan can hope that their questionable draft day has SOME impact.

They needed a running back and a quarterback, could use a tight end, had two #1's and got zilch.

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