Saturday, April 22, 2006

It's Official, Great Britain... no longer Great...

"…a tragic comedy in an unknown number of parts.
Britain is now so far gone into the insanity of Political Correctness that churches can’t display posters advertising Easter plays anymore. (Link via LC & IB Robert Spencer)
Religious leaders, including an aide to the Archbishop of York, have slammed a council’s ban on the advertising of an Easter passion play — because of fears that it would offend other religious groups."

Misha has the scoop on the latest surrender flag spotted in Europe, and wouldn't it be far less painful to just up and GIVE the bloody Eurinal Union to the arabs, lock, stock, and barrel?

France is going down for the 3rd time, England is sinking fast, Germany remains preoccupied with the wonderment of losing WWII to the subhumans, Spain is frightened out of it's collective nit-wit, Italy just worries about all of the art, so what's that leave? The Danes? The ONLY part of the continent where something resembling testosterone still exists?

Yeah, yeah; I know these things come in cycles but it sucks to be around for the downsizing of Western Civilization.


Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

The UK was in its death throes when I lived there in the 60s and 70s, strangled by socialism and coercive social engineering (which are ineveitably linked.)

Whew, I finally caught up. You wrote a lot today. I'm going to have to snub some other blogs just to keep up with you. Now - who will that be?

Fits said...

Yeah, sorry for being such a web Hog, but with this new DSL the ramblings just flow and it seems like being prolific but it's nothing more than not having to wait so long for things to publish.

Did some work in the UK, that's different than living there. Places I stayed at for months at a time, and never saw anything much besides taxi's and hotel rooms and more taxi's and hotel rooms. Still got to meet the people and the Brits were one of my favorite folken.