Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ranting Rotties

If all of this kick-the-illegal-swine-beaners out of the country is beginning to bore you, then okay, and mea cupla. Kick the illegal-swine-asians out as well. Billions for Iraq and rounding up criminals here in the US of A is too much trouble? If I were the Mafia I'd be asking the ACLU to begin legal proceedings on why THEY get tracked down arrested, and prosecuted when the south of the border crowd gets a free lunch. Is it because American crooks are Americans and not some liberals wet dream?

Where was I...

Okay then. Misha sums things up rather swell, as is his modus operandi. That's Latin. REAL Latin, and not the name of some group who thought be calling Spanish wasn't good enough.

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