Saturday, April 22, 2006

More lies from Bloomy

Gun-fighter Bloomy was a teen rifleman
Mayor Bloomberg is fast becoming one of the nation's most strident foes of illegal guns - so it might come as a surprise that he once owned a rifle. "I am a defender of the Second Amendment," said Bloomberg.


In wishing to leave as liberal a legacy as humanly possible, Bloomberg has visciously attacked the 2nd Amendment by going through the tried and true liberal route of promoting Federal mandates on guns, rather than locking up criminals who steal and use them, then throwing away the key.

The thinking goes something like this; ALL guns should be illegal. Like cars, and wallets, and ANYTHING of value, guns will be stolen so there's no way to keep them out of the hands of the criminal element. The hard-way is the no-way with Loons, so banning them outright is lots easier than policing their use. PLUS, minorities are the biggest offenders and we all know how much liberals adore this part of their consituency and could never, ever, be seen as getting tough on the blacks or the spanish. Lots of laws no longer ARE laws when it comes to dealing with minority groups, so tougher controls mean nothing, the Loons know this, and are stuck in the quagmire of their own design.

Make 'em all illegal, and thusly far more scarce. Then fewer blacks and spanish will be found with them.

It's worked real well with the drug problem, hasn't it, fella's.

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