Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mail From Michelle...

"I'm excited to introduce you to Hot Air--a conservative Internet broadcast network I launched this week with a team of multi-talented bloggers. (Press release here.)

Internet video is booming. Apple’s iTunes store has sold a gazillion videos since its debut. YouTube gets more traffic than the New York Times web site. And politically-oriented web video is on the rise:

* Google teamed up with Al Gore’s Current TV network to provide Google Current.* Amazon.com teamed up with left-wing comedian Bill Maher for an online talk show.* iTunes offers a discount price for Comedy Central’s liberal Daily Show.* AOL joined with the Huffington Post to provide Contagious Festival, a collection of conservative-bashing short movies.
These efforts have one thing in common: they are all produced by liberals for liberals. I began Hot Air in part to bring more balance to the videoblogging world. But also because it's the next logical step in the information revolution. (See Ed Driscoll. And Power Line. London trends here. Flashback: Jeff Jarvis on vlogs in 2002.)

What text blogging has done to print media, videoblogging promises to do to broadcast media: challenge a once-insurmountable elite and kick down doors to unprecedented participation by citizen/"non-traditional" journalists.

We've posted two episodes of our daily newscast called "Vent with Michelle Malkin." It's delivered in Flash (Version 8) format. Download a Flash video player here if the video doesn't automatically play for you.

There's much more to Hot Air than the daily newscast, though. We have affiliates from Paris to Washington, D.C., to Wisconsin offering original video, photography, audio, photoshop parodies, and investigative reporting, and we're recruiting more. We are spotlighting the best content across the Internet in our "Top Picks" section. Our group blog is run 24/7/365. We'll be featuring original Flash animation, cartoons, mini-movies, and documentary trailers. And we've compiled a hot list of bloggers, podcasters, big talkers, creative entrepreneurs, and do-it-yourself resources for readers/viewers/listeners new to the Internet/broadcast convergence. The site is a fun, eclectic, and always enriching mix of traditional political analysis, humor, breaking news you need to know, and fresh-baked video goodness with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Come on over to Hot Air, join the studio audience, and get your fill!

Michelle Malkin

Okay. so I clicked, and my effort was returned with a Error 404 Not Found message. I guess this means I should dl the Flash whatchamacallit but it should SAY THAT and not leave us ungeekers hanging. With my cranky set up I really don't want to tax the system, for just any old stuff, so if anyone has had a look-see, please let me know if it's worth the risk.


18-inch-cock said...

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Fits said...

Sweet mother of mercy. And I betcha clicking into the above doesn't attach a ton of malware too, right? Can't even check on video-game releases without coming away with net-fleas.