Sunday, April 30, 2006

Shrinking Superman...

Bryan Singer is the latest culprit to attempt a quick hit and run on a comic icon, but in his case I do sort of think that it isn't as much of a rape as Ang Lee did with the Hulk, as it is being clueless as to what heroism really is.

We have heroes who are bigger than life because life sucks. In sports, we pay to see people do things beyond our ken, and in escapist fare...ditto.

Enter the new and devolved Superman. Touch, feely, weepy, and it's not just because both star, Brandon Routh, and Director, are homosexuals. From the get-go, everything I've seen or heard about Superman Returns suggests that Singer, ecsconsced in the Hollyweird melodrama of tree-huggery, felt that old Supe should kvetch about in a continuing state of mope because, after all, isn't that what modern men do?

Nope. I'll wait to see it before pronouncing the thing DOA, but it looks to be even worse than I had imagined.

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