Saturday, April 22, 2006


J. J. Abrams of "Lost" and Alias" fame is slated to direct an upcoming Star Trek movie featuring Kirk and Spock as young officers in a "how-they-met" sort of format.

As a lover of all things with personality, the original will always be my favorite rendition of Star Trek. Next Generation was soiled cock-a-doodie in comparison, although I did watch it for a time as it brought the franchise to another dimension regarding special effects.

But, in the original, Bones would die for Kirk who'd die for Spock who'd die for Bones, and remember...these were experienced TV actors who had learned their trade on Broadway as well as the small screen, and any one of them could chew up the scenery. The comraderie was far better than anything since seen, and let's face it, Star Trek was NEVER about out of work Shakespearian players getting a break on a brand new network, but it was all we had so we went with the flow and tried hard not to wince whenever the new cast members would run rather than kick ass.

Gary Sinese as "Bones", and I rest my case.

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