Saturday, April 22, 2006

Make A Hole. Make It Wide.

I've been raving about Federals new HST ammunition, and promise to bother certain parties for the pics of what one of these bad boys looks like after expansion sets in. Not a promotional photograph, but one's we took after capping away at soaked newspaper, etc. The gaping maw harkens back to the "Flying Ashtray" days of yore, and 180 grains going a tick over 1000 fps from a 3 and a half inch barrel is swell, and sweller from a .40 caliber carbine.

By the way, the folks at Federal tell me that HST stands for Hi-Shok Tactical, and while I hate the word Tactical, the ammo is awesome. I fell in like of the old Hi-Shok 180 grainers and was hoping that the new and improved versions were just as smooth shooting and accurate, and they are and then some. More accurate than Ranger T's of the same weight and caliber...not by much, mind you...but sub-2 inchers at 25 feet is more than I'll ever need for drawing and squeezing. I've yet to Ransom test the things but I'd hazard a guesstimate to offer that under 3" at 25 yards would be in order. From a G-27, mind you, as that's my semi-auto carry gun.

They feed, fire, and fling with aplomb, and I've seen them open to roughly the size of a quarter, or .95" in the right media. What they'll do in flesh is something I only hope to discover from behind the opening, never in front of it.

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