Sunday, April 30, 2006

Modern Web Tech...One Giant Leap For Mankind. Backwards.

So I'm reading the morning papers online when the connection to AOL fizzles. This happens on a regular basis, so no big deal. I try to reload, and receive an error message informing me that AOL might be being blocked by some sort of firewall, and since this is impossible I close the window and switch over to Firefox. No dice. It suddenly has gone limp as well, and all this without a single deviation from the norm on my part. Imagine a car or even a toaster being as poorly designed as personal computers and access to the internet. The reason I'm still using AOL is the fact that Cox Cable's email system is a joke, and I wanted to switch my favorite places over before pulling the pin. This means writing down each web address then switching back to Cable access and bookmarking it because email doesn't arrive with any sort of regularity and I cannot just mail myself a ton of fave's. So it's off to find a new email service too, and as bad as Firefox has been I dread the thought and fully understand why so very many people continue to use America Online.

Cars as bad as all this? We'd still be hitching mules to a wagon.

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