Friday, April 28, 2006

Democrats Oppose Voter Registration....

...But only when the registrees happen to be gun owners and therefore prone to hating their commie pinko asses, as is evidenced by this tidbit from the NRA...

A bill supported by the National Rifle Association and Unified Sportsmen of Florida to help more hunters and fishermen get registered to vote passed the Florida Legislature today and is on its way to Governor Jeb Bush (R) for his signature.

HB-125 Sponsored by Representative Greg Evers (R-Milton) in the House and Senator Carey Baker (R-Eustis) in the Senate will offer people who buy resident hunting and fishing licenses three new opportunities to register to vote.

1. People who purchase a hunting or fishing license by phone will have the opportunity to have a voter registration form mailed to them.

2. People purchasing a hunting or fishing license online will have a link that takes them to a voter registration site.

3. People who purchase a hunting or fishing license from an agent authorized to sell hunting and fishing licenses, will be asked if they would like a voter registration application to take home and fill out and mail in later.

The bill passed the House 110-6 and passed the Senate 31-8Similar legislation passed last year in Georgia.Special thanks go to Senate President Tom Lee (R-Brandon) and House Speaker Allan Bense (R-Panama City) for helping move this legislation.Thanks also go to Co-sponsors.SENATE(CO-SPONSORS) Senator Burt Saunders (R)HOUSE (CO-SPONSORS) Representatives Bob Allen (R); Dennis Baxley(R); Donna Clarke (R); Don Davis (R); Nancy Detert (R); Bill Galvano (R); Michael Grant (R); Gayle Harrell (R); Alan Hays (R); Will Kendrick (D); Paige Kreegel (R); John Legg(R); Richard Machek (D); Sheri McInvale (R); Dave Murzin (R); Mitch Needelman(R); Bill Proctor (R); Julio Robaina (R); Ray Sansom (R); Trey Traviesa (R); Baxter Troutman (R)

THOSE WHO VOTED AGAINST THE BILL IN THE HOUSE: Representatives Susan Bucher (D), Ken Gottlieb (D), Bob Heinriquez (D), Arthenia Joyner (D), Eleanor Sobel (D), Priscilla Taylor (D)

THOSE WHO VOTED AGAINST THE BILL IN THE SENATE: Senators Larcinia Bullard (D), Mandy Dawson (D), Steve Geller (D), Tony Hill (D), Les Miller (D), Nan Rich (D) Gary Siplin (D) Frederica Wilson (D)


Lemuel Calhoon said...

There must be a mistake. All the no votes are listed as Democrats.

Fits said...

Uh huh. Just imagine Republicans voting against a voter registration drive in New Orleans, or some other dirty place.