Monday, April 24, 2006

"The Corner"...

Plugs Frank...

"WE NEED A WAR FOR OIL" [Jonah Goldberg]
If you're offended by this , don't shoot the messenger.
First of all, Jonah; when the messenger IS the message then of course they should be summarily dispatched with great force and rapidity.

And B, pencil-neck-geeks such as Frank get to talk tough about war because, thank the heavens, it isn't they who'd bear the brunt of getting blown limb from limb so pencil-neck-geeks can fill up their SUV's.

And thirdly, well of frickin' course we should be taking what's rightfully ours. Since when did the baddest bear in the woods start kowtowing to the gerbils?

Since Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and the dyke's RodHam and Pelosi and Boxer...and...

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