Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Corner At NRO

OIL PRICE 'GOUGING' [Andrew Stuttaford]
Andrew Sullivan: “…conservative government really is dead, isn't it? A conservative government would simply say: we have no control over global oil prices; consumers reap what they sow; companies should be left alone; and if your wallet is empty because of all that gas in your SUV, you've learned a useful lesson in self-government. If only Margaret Thatcher were around to punctuate that lecture with a swipe of her handbag.”

Well. Saying that "we have no control" sort of dimisses the very reason for a government. One of the reasons for us banding together to form this thing called society has always been to prevent the gouging of necessary goods, and if milk or bread prices went sky high there'd be more investigations than one could shake a stick at. Of course, the wealthy could still afford such gouging, and such is the case with energy costs. But I've never much liked the idea of the very young or elderly suffering because of inflation. Yes, it is a free economy, and yes, Europe pays more but don't embarass yourself with comparing us to Europe. Who in all hells CARES what Europe does or doesn't do. We've the means to extricate ourselves from this predicament, have had so for quite some time, but the wealthy Loons want there to be a specific line drawn in the sand between them and those less fortunate. They've done it time and again throughout history and the only thing preventing them from continuing this establishment of a multi-tiered class system is to vote out the scum who protect them and vote in the patriots who'd protect the country.

'Cause if you think that those edumacated liberals really and truly believed in The China Syndrome, and thats why they defeated nuclear power, then there's this really neat bridge that can be had for a song....

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