Saturday, April 22, 2006

Though they be giants...

They'll still bitch about the minutiae

Moonbats Suddenly Concerned About US Copyright
"One of the moonbats who participated in the disgraceful demonstration at UC Santa Cruz (whose friends are now engaged in other lovely pursuits, such as publishing personal information about “right-wing” bloggers in an attempt to intimidate them) contacted me this morning, demanding that I remove one of his photos from this post.

And by the way, the owners of Indymedia did not respond when I requested that they remove libelous posts and altered photographs of me from their site. These people are the scum of the earth."

Yes, behold lo a reference to Little Green Footballs. This DSL shit is terrif; I can visit places that previously took so long to load it was time to stop and shave again before the page became viewable. Charles really wants the cake with nothing but his icing, doesn't he. A scazillion hits each and every day, pissing away investor money over at PJ Land like it was, well, other peoples money, using whatever photo he so chooses when he can afford to pay for the things, and is agog with wonderment when someone calls his shit on it?

Still and all, that's the most he's written at one time in some time, so perhaps this angry-fella gig suits him.

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