Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ground Zero

Let the building begin. After weeks of being accused of holding Ground Zero hostage, developer Larry Silverstein gave in yesterday - agreeing to limit his role in the project and allow the rebirth of the hallowed site to get under way. The mammoth complex could be finished by 2012 - some 11 years after the attacks that shook the city.

Why DOES the NY Daily News despise Larry Solverstein?

Easy. It's parent company, a HUGE development firm, is set to lose millions of square feet of office space in NY over the next few years, and getting Larry out of the WTC picture would be a windfall. Sure the News is also a Liberal rag and anything that Bloomberg desires, it barks for, but this is also about money and lots of it.

Leave it to the Loons to ALWAYS put their cravings over the national interest. Those buildings meant a lot more to ALL of America than just a place to park a word processor.

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