Sunday, April 30, 2006

Gun-shaped teddy bear crackers ready to liven up wedding receptions

IMABARI, Ehime -- A paint firm here is hoping to add color to wedding receptions in Japan with a new device it has jointly developed -- a gun-shaped party cracker that shoots out a teddy bear.

Sunamiya, a paint firm based in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, announced the development of the device, which blasts a teddy bear equipped with a parachute into the air. The teddy bear parachutes down afterwards.

Developers hit on the idea after noticing that it had become a trend for people to throw teddy bears into the air instead of bouquets at wedding receptions."

Now just imagine the hue and cry from the nanny's here should such a thing be imported. Then again, it probably wouldn't do well in the more populist states except for Florida, and forget Texas as there are so many gun laws banning this that or the other thing that might even resemble a gun, that everyone at a reception would need to be licensed to carry, and even then would stand a chance at being arrested.

Cool though.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

I want to know how many FPS the bear is going at the muzzle and how much velocity is lost at, say, 25 yards. Also, is the bear a reliable expander in human tissue?

Fits said...

From what I understand, ballistic gelatin tests are being conducted by the BATFE to determine just that, Lem. So far, they've designated it as Any Other Weapon, and under some of the old Clinton-era laws might very well have to be changed in shape from a bear to a muskrat, or som similar creature not on the Endangered Species List.

In other news, the Brady Bunch is prepared to launch a series of ads condemning any state that would allow the import of such a "heinous device".