Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jose Can You See

"Even without the political message, however, a Spanish-language rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner is problematic. As President Bush said Friday: "I think people who want to be citizens of this country ought to learn English and ought to learn to sing the national anthem in English."

For earlier generations of immigrants, assimilation into American society began with learning English. And make no mistake: Assimilation has sustained both the nation and the immigrants who have prospered here.

That doesn't mean totally abandoning one's native heritage, of course. But realizing the American dream is about more than taking advantage of better living standards and higher wages: It's about choosing to become part of a very unique, very special society."
Now, while I am a grownup and understand that politics is nothing if not give and take, I too have disliked George Bush's approach to the illegal immigrant problem, but disliking and not comprehending are quite different. He must pave the way for a new Republican President, and not give the Lying Libs fodder with which to confuse the dullards that comprise most of the voting block. The fence-sitters, the hemmers & hawwers that look to the media to make the decision for them. We simply cannot be staunchly Conservative anymore, those days are long lost to us, at least on the national level. But it still ticks me off when he says that it's impossible to round the criminals up, because that's what civilization does to miscreants.

Nothing in todays NY Post oped is new and improved or gives us ammunition to use against the surrender at all cost foes we fight on a daily basis, but wake up calls are necessary as well.

Assimilate or go home. This is not the United States of Mexico, never was, never will be.

I'd literally give my right arm for a man who'd be satisfied with one term as President. Someone who would step in and rally the country, if only for a short time period because NO country can be rallied forever as it's simply too confusing. I talk to "Conservatives" every day and not a one of them has clue-one about the war, the economy, the Constitution, or why gasoline prices are so high. They're the backbone of the Republican party and need a simple rallying cry to lead them.

The man who can do that CAN change things for the better. Problem is, he doesn't exist, so its back to being a grownup again, celebrating the small victories as they come along and not letting the defeats wear one down. The Republic will survive George Bush turning wishy-washy on us now and again, but it would not survive a succession of RodHams or Kerry's, and that's why he DOES bend at times.

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