Thursday, August 05, 2010

And While We're At It...How's The PRIOR Liberal First Lady Doing?

Rodham Donates $10 Bucks To Pakistani Relief Fund

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pressed Americans on Wednesday to donate money to flood relief efforts in Pakistan, saying she is leading by example and just made a $10 donation herself.

“I just texted a contribution myself, because we know from our own experience, particularly in Haiti, small donations can add up to make a big difference,” Clinton told reporters on Wednesday.

A $10 charitable contribution. After a $5 million dollar wedding for her pooch daughter, and who knows how many hundreds of thousands for an additional Secret Service presence, and how many MILLIONS for closing down the airspace over the big party.

Thanks to I Hate The Media, where more of the story can be found, but don't click the link to The Hill, as it was inoperative for me.

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