Monday, August 30, 2010

Firing Up The Wayback Machine: Ancestors Of The Brady Bunch Banned.....

August 30, 1146
A conference of European leaders outlawed the crossbow. By banning such an effective weapon, it was believed that the leaders had ended wars for all time.

See. Don't need as stupid an organization as the United Nations in order to do stupid things. 

Particularly when one is speaking about Europe.

Or Chicago. All of Ill-Annoy for that matter. Or New York City. Or Washington, D.C.. Or Los Angeles. Let's not forget New Jersey.


Paul Kanesky said...

Actually the crowwbow was only banned for use against other christian armys. It was still OK for use against moslems.

fits said...

The whole banning the crossbow scenario was most likely an attempt at preventing the William Tell'ish goings on at fairs, etc. Apparently the Pope was pissed that commoners were being used for target practice. Anyway, thanks for your comment, Paul. Here I grasp at any straw to make weapon-bannings appear ludicrous and couldn't help but make mention of it when the "this day in history" emails were featuring the story of how the Euro's tried banning the bow.