Saturday, August 28, 2010

We Get Letters...

Email reply to our post concerning Frost Cutlery..."Worst Company In The World To Buy Knives From?"

"...What do u have against Frost Cltury? They do so make there own knifes or how could they put there name on them. Just because some company is looking out for the little guy is know reason to poke fun at them."

Well now, besides selling cheap Pakistani and Chinese pot steel and having the unmitigated gall to refer to these abominations as "knives",  here's what a former employee of Frost had to say:

Drugs and obsenities are worse here than any prison yard, and people who actually come in to do their jobs are treated wrongly when they decline drugs, cigarettes and head games with others. Working here isn't something I would wish on my biggest foe, and being a customer here is also risky. Customer service is a joke and just like 3rd shift no one seems to actually know the answer to a question. Most of the questions I asked were answered "I think...Maybe...Ask someone else". Now to explain the scores I gave. Pay - good if you don't want a raise ever. Respect - there is none here for anyone.

You can read more here.

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