Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Available At Planet Stun Gun...

Concealment Clock

Just as long as it isn't a new model S&W with the Hillary-Hole, then all is well. $42.95 isn't outright highway robbery, and it's a cool idea.

Headline link will whisk you to where you may learn more.


Phazzer Dragon said...

Cool! This is a very nice concealment though. I wish to have one myself. I was wondering if this kind of product is available in our region? Thanks.

Phazzer Dragon

fits said...

By "our region", are you referring to local stores in Florida? If so, sorry I can't help you with that as I've yet to see one around these parts. Depending upon your age, local gun shops might be able to help you, or perhaps at least pointing you in the right direction towards acquiring such products.