Sunday, August 08, 2010

NYPD Pop-Guns Take Down Shooter...And Even One Of Their Own

The bullet that nearly killed a police officer during a wild Harlem shootout this morning came from another cop’s gun, officials said.
 The .9mm police bullet was left embedded in his vest — which city officials credited with saving his life.

More Yellowstream journalism. The officer in question had a small mark under the spot on his vest where the 9mm Gold Dot impacted. He at no point in time was "nearly killed", seriously injured, or in any way incapacitated. Let's continue...

Authorities said Tedeschi and the other cops opened fire on alleged gunman Angel Alvarez, 22, who shot a man at the massive party in a dispute over a woman before shooting at police.
Alvarez, 22, absorbed 21 police bullets, cops said.

You read it correctly. The scumbag was hit 21 times and is still kicking. More proof that the 9mm is an ineffective manstopper, and one of the reasons cops unload their handguns into a suspect. It takes a village to stop one skinny punk so of course they shoot their loads, and even at times reload. If the skell dies, then the cops were being animals; if he lives, then Sharpton waits to see if he does die before planning protests over police brutality.
Doesn't help that most cops can't hit the broadside of a barn. From the inside.

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