Friday, August 27, 2010

Michelle Malkin Has A Look At: Hurricane Katrina and the Race Card: Five Years Later

"...Five years later, the same color-coded paranoia and political opportunism that poisoned the Hurricane Katrina recovery permeates every current conflict in the public square: Ground Zero Mosque opponents are all suspiciously funded bigots, according to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Tea Party movement is the new Bull Connor, according to every liberal New York Times columnist. President Obama's critics hate black people, according to every major black Hollywood director and hip-hop mogul. As for the soul-fixing, Nobel Peace Prize-winning commander-in-chief whose election was supposed to heal the divide, I will guarantee you he won't ever lift a finger to repudiate the cynical smear tactics against his unjustly accused predecessor.

Post-racial America, we never knew you."

Yep. The inevitable. The Yellowstream Media, Hollywood, The Congressional Black Caucus, and of course every rapper alive, joined in excoriating George Bush back when 3 whole days was too long of a wait to get the government wheels a'rolling then try to save New Orleans from itself.

Now the same racist entities...seemingly unmindful of Barack Obama's dallying while the Gulf of Mexico was flooded with light sweet crude...will be celebrating their disrespect of all that was decent in America, by re-writing history yet again.

By the way, that old saw of winners writing history? Never was true, never will be true. Since the medium is the message it is the media, particularly in these days of instantaneous news, that shapes history to suit it's political agenda.

As the 5th anniversary of  New Orleans politicians, ably abetted by local law enforcement...also know as The Gang That Couldn't Loot Straight... allowing their city to nearly float away, all of the usual racist suspects will be on hand to a) blame Bush for their own traitorous goings on, and b) stick up for the cult masquerading as a real religion. Continuing to twist the truth into whatever lies they can get away with.

Bush won his elections. Didn't make a bit of difference to the media and the Congressional Black Racists Caucus or Hollywood nitwits.

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