Friday, August 06, 2010

Ruminations Upon A Desultory Philippic

Or...The Past As Seen From The Future

I've always been a glass is half full sort of man. Hells bells, but as far as I could tell, so were most Americans. I lived through the peaceful...for those not sent to Korea...50's, the awakening 60's, the sorry-ass 70's and the dreadfully dull 80's. All the 90's were about was talk of the millennium so they don't even count. Mainly because Bill Clinton dominated the political scene and the nation strove mightily to understand a man speaking from both sides of his mouth but never quite did figure out why so lowbrow an individual was elected to begin with.

Where this is leading to, is, for once, the future doesn't look all that bright and cheery to me. I've had my wars and wouldn't want to fight another one for love or money but there are battles a'comin' ladies and germs, make no mistake about it.

It takes a grandiose scheme or event to shake a country free from enslavement because slaves fall into a pattern of, if not liking slavery, then at least tolerating it fairly well thank you very much. The enslaved black men and women brought from Africa to America didn't even truly begin to fight their way free until the event of Northern Aggression paved the way.The Pope had to leave Rome and visit Poland to begin million-man marches before the Poles aroused enough gumption to spit in the eyes of their oppressors. The common thread being it usually takes a brand new straw to stir the drink of freedom but this time around the charge of the light brigade is going to come from the North, South, East, and West, and everyplace in between.

The democrat party, you see, fell in love with the idea of a new sort of slavery, and since they own the universities and the unions and the media, that particular idea is not going the way of the Dodo anytime soon. The long awaited exhale after the stench of the Clinton years finally blew out to sea, but lo and behold the democrats searched high and low, settled for low, and brought us Barry.

Barry is even worse than Billy. Yeah, yeah, its a toss up as to who has the uglier spouse, but at least Barry has some beautiful kids so that breaks the run of homeliness pitter pattering its way throughout the White House.

But no one is more ugly inside than Barry. Even Billy would rein in the dogs when the polls went drastically awry, but disfavor actually seems to invigorate Barry and his masters. The more we stand our ground and growl, the more they try pulling us, kicking and screaming over to the dark side. Sure, when all is said and done he'll be gone by 2013 but who's next? How do you top the Barack Obama presidency? Remember when we thought that Jimmy Carter was as bad as it could get? When Bill Clinton made all men of good will want to hurl chunks?

Obama is head and shoulders above those reprobates, head and shoulders. But just as he made his predecessors seem tame by comparison, the next Barack will strive ever the more mightily to do Barry one up.

I just don't think we'll take it. It's bound to happen, though. We'll have a Republican Presidency for a term or two, maybe even three, but remember how Barack got in. He snookered the weak amongst us, snookered them but good, and guess what, the same sort of snookeries will be once again ripe for full frontal snookerations all over again.

Only a matter or time. Because some people don't get it, until IT beats them about the head and shoulder area with great force and rapidity. To them its a game, great sport to force feed one lunatic after another upon a half asleep nation.

But Barry woke us up. And my glass is half full. In my lifetime, there will be states looking to secede from The Union. When men come to the irrefutable conclusion that the jig is up and some folks simply CANNOT learn from their mistakes, these same men will, in the course of human events, move to divorce themselves from the weaklings who for love or money simply CAN'T get it RIGHT. As long as there's a California and New York and Illinois and half a dozen other dirty places, the next Barack Obama is just around the corner. Coming straight at us and pushed ever onwards by a sea of unrepentant daydreamers, starry-eyed and legs a'tingle for their new found love.

I'll be in my 70's then. Won't have what it takes to lead men by example. Not that the next fracas won't need cannon fodder, all ones do, and its either that or surrender but my Daddy didn't raise no Frenchman in disguise. You all will still need me and them like me because we'll cover your ass like its never been covered before, and give you the time to regroup. Bottom line is, its coming, so lead follow or learn to work that Lee. Good Lord willing, some of us might even catch up so keep the Polygrip dry and the ceegars moist.

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