Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Fight Against Ka-Gan Continues

Incredibly Stupid Man Named Leahy Blames Republicans For Ka-Gan's Lack Of Judicial Experience

"Sen. Jeff Sessions said Tuesday that Elena Kagan may be better suited to deal with students and faculty than the daily work of the Supreme Court, while Sen. Patrick Leahy defended her lack of judicial experience by blaming Republicans.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D.-Vt.), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, blamed Republicans for criticizing her lack of judicial experience because “they are themselves responsible.”

“President Clinton nominated her to the D.C. Circuit in 1999 and it was Senate Republicans who refused to consider her nomination,” Leahy said in his remarks on the Senate floor. “Had they done so, she would have more than 10 years of judicial experience.”

"Leahy would be an experienced doctor, if he spent the last 10 years in surgery, but doesn't mean I'm gonna let him operate on me," a senior GOP aide said in response to Leahy's statement."

How the people of Vermont continue to send Pat-The-Rat Leahy to Washington is a wonder unto itself, because despite being first elected way back in 1974...with a glitch here and there thrown in whenever Vermontonians regained their senses...The Rat STILL doesn't know what America or its Constitution is all about. 

Proving conclusively that time plays absolutely NO part in being proficient at anything, when one is incapable of following the most rudimentary of instructions.

But should Ka-Gan sail on through despite being proven to be unfit for anything even resembling a judgeship, the bright side of so otherwise despicable a picture is that it gives Patriots all the more reason to break their backs in getting Conservatives elected to public office, with the ultimate goal of removing the Undocumented-Worker-In-Chief* from our White House.

Because, despite what Rats like Leahy believe, the White House and the Government belong to us. And, by an overwhelming majority, we do not want that horrible woman anywhere near the Supreme Court.

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