Sunday, August 08, 2010

There'll Be Some Changes Made...

Thanks to everyone who has been taking the First Annual Fits Needs To Know Just How Much His Blog Sucks, poll. While the majority, so far, have offered that they like things the way they are, I myself feel that a better look is in order.

Change not just for change like President Shitforbrains,  but for improvement.

For example:

There should be a clear delineation between postings, one of the problems I've admitted to in the past and made an effort to correct but this particular template brooks no interference. One posting can run into the following posting and let's face it, not all of the folks who enter here are spring chickens that couldn't use some assistance in following the written word.

The Header stinks, plain and simple. The writing under it cannot be highlighted or capitalized or emboldened or separated by spacing. Like the posts themselves, things just sort of run together and that takes the proper emphasis away from that which I wish to emphasize.

The side columns cannot be placed in anything resembling a orderly progression..think correct alignment.

Titles and or headers to individual posts have no snap to them, no pizazz, no, hey pally, look at me. I like my titles to brazenly call attention to what follows, impossible to do with this template, that is what it is, and cannot be corrected like the newer ones can.

All of the above and more have demanded reconstruction, and that will soon happen.

Also, I've recently joined a Podcasting service, and will try to offer a podcast or two every now and again. Something basic at first, something like my reading of a headline in Barack Obama's voice. You know, something as ridiculous as it is nauseating.

I do not write for myself. Gave that up with masturbation. Participating in a society, a cause, an America, to me means calling attention to what other likeminded people want to see and hear and experience. The comment sections here have forever been, and will remain, open to all without moderation or interference of any sort. Except for the time or two I somehow accidentally banned Hyunchback and myself with one swell foop. The place will never take advertisement for pay, nothing dramatically against it, just not for me.

Initially, I wanted this to be some sort of a gun blog. Since I like pictures they were included whenever possible. Up until my lawyer/insurance dude warned me that certain policies might not pay were the powers that be made aware of my proclivity to tell the bad guys where to look for illgotten gains. At first I was like, who cares, but there IS a logic to some things, a responsibility that grownups have to face.

People have asked if The Hogtown Irregulars are real. Yes. And Gainesville WAS first known as Hogtown, and there remain creeks and roadways and forested areas that are still called Hogtown. I'd post a pic or two but then again someone might steal Hogtown Creek and the cops would blame me.

Ever since Barack Hussein pulled the presidency out from under our feet and directed his intelligence services to treat Patriots like common criminals, I no longer publish any names, or even call attention to things like the neatass machinegun shoot we enjoyed to no end. The Irregulars is now a dues-paying organization; $20 bucks a month or whatever you can afford and it all goes to purchase ammunition. We like target shooting a lot. Any and all fully automatic weapon systems are legal and licensed, and NO ONE shoots who doesn't pay the strictest attention to safety. As we all know, gun control is leaning how to control your gun and not how to discriminate against those who cannot afford armed bodyguards like the president and his cronies. If these phonies were truly against firearms then THEIR security forces would be armed with harsh words and little else.

Not gonna happen because some folks believe themselves to be more important than other folks.

At heart though, I'm not a gunblogger or a political blogger or some cranky millblogger, or a fashion maven, even though I am always the best dressed man in the room. I'm an old Marine who still loves his country and wants only the best for it. Whatever it takes to call attention to the ones who do not love the country and would hurt it, well, that's what we'll keep an eye on here.

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