Friday, August 27, 2010

Instead Of Visiting Where The REAL Invaders Are...Nappy Goes To Chitown

Homeland Security head praises city's security cameras

"...Every year, Daley uses the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to pronounce Chicago as safe as any major city can possibly be. 

Approaching the ninth anniversary, Napolitano agreed.

“In a world where we cannot eliminate all risks, Chicagoans can be confident that every effort that I know of that can be made is being made to minimize the risk. And if something were to happen, their first-responders are prepared,” she said.

So now lemme see if I can get this straight...

Chicago is the city with the unique distinction of being nicknamed Murder Capitol of America, so Daley and Nappy want to continue focusing efforts on make-believe terrorists instead of wading into the street gangs with tooth and nail.

Chicago is not a terror-target. There is nothing in Chicago for moslems to blow up. Islam doesn't know Chicago from Shenanigan. The real invaders of America are still happily streaming into our border states while The Napster plays smoochie-smooch with crook Daley.

I mean, what are the moslem terror gangs going to do to Chitown?

Knock down the old Sears Tower so as to ruin over-the-air reception to reruns of Gilligan's Island for the greater Midwest?

"Lululululul...Alahu Achbar! Take THAT you Ginger slut!"

This is how liberals govern. Shadows and mirrors and bullswaddle.

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