Monday, August 23, 2010

Now, Ya'll Excuse Me Whilest I Whip This Out...

Spyderco Civilian. Designed to be ogled. And...

It's definitely going to leave a mark.

Background story: 

To be taken with a grain of salt:  Spyderco insists that the State Department contacted them some years back, in search of a weapon that could be easily used by civilians with no experience in self-defense. Hence the seemingly contradictory name of "Civilian", as one might very well imagine that only inveterate chairborne commandos would own so ugly a knife.

One of the things I personally found lacking in fully serrated hawbill knifes is the propensity for them to snag on buttons, clothing, zippers, heavy jackets, etc. would be on my list of knives to use should a platoon of nudists storm Fort Fits.

More such goings on may be viewed here.

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