Monday, August 30, 2010

Phil Mushnick Wonders: Al Sharpton...Activist Or Arsonist...

In February, 2008, the Rev. Al Sharpton made big news when he claimed the U.S. government was eager to persecute and prosecute Barry Bonds because he is black, yet is giving Roger Clemens a virtual free pass because he is white.

"When you are black," Sharpton said of the two men, during his radio show, "you are subjected to a different reality, and we are not going to be quiet."

Yet, Sharpton seems to have grown very quiet -- silent, even -- about his claim that Clemens has been given a look-away pass because he's white. 

Last week, after Clemens was indicted by the federal government for perjury, Sharpton appeared on MSNBC. But his irresponsible, inflammatory allegations about Bonds and Clemens were never even mentioned. Sharpton was brought on to shout "racism!" at something else. 

Sharpton never has been held accountable for his wishful-thinking claims about sports, but those claims sure make big news when he first makes them. That's what happens when the news media can't distinguish -- or chooses not to distinguish -- an activist from an arsonist.

NY Post sports scribe Phil Mushnick is one of the very, very few U.S. journalists who dares speak up against the slimeball racists that continue to inflame America in order to increase their own ill-gotten-gains.

Thanks for being a voice in the wilderness, Phil.

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