Monday, August 16, 2010

French Police to Fine Tourists for Going Shirtless

(NewsCore) - Male tourists in France were being threatened with $48 fines for walking around without their shirts on, The Independent reported Monday.

Locals in seaside resort towns including Cannes and St. Tropez demanded the move after they were sick of seeing Brits and other tourists displaying their "hairy chests" in the streets, the newspaper said. Inland cities such as Perpignan, in the south of France, followed the move and introduced a dress code banning bare chests for the first time.

For as much as I despise the modern propensity for laws, laws, and more laws, people have been cowed into not policing themselves and their communities for so long they've forgotten how to chastise bad behavior by responding with old fashioned common sense, so good for them Frenchies.

Years back, the simple "No-Shoes No- Shirt-No Service" signs were all that was needed to prevent the northern snowbirds from traipsing about Florida as if it were their very own private fat-guy-nudist-colony, but lawsuits instituted by certain minority groups soon put an end to that.

Now a merchant must weigh the consequences should he refuse to accommodate a 400-pound sow wrecking havoc in his establishment simply by intentionally, or unintentionally, knocking over shelves and display cases with nothing more than an incredibly uncovered and quite massive bosom. And when said creature sends dozens of cans of cream corn hurtling to the floor then BLAMES the proprietor for breaking several toes on an unshod hoof, it's back to the signs again and to court soon thereafter.

The ban also includes inappropriate bikini-wear and that's another story for another day, but suffice to say that anyone would even think of banning bikini's is an absolute travesty. Damned French.

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