Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ground Zero Imam Obama's Cairo Speechwriter?

by Connie Hair

A former PLO terrorist living in the U.S. says the Ground Zero mosque imam in February claimed parts of Obama’s speech delivered in Cairo last year came directly from the Arabic version of the imam's book.  And he offers backup of these claims in two separate interviews of the imam.
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

I do not believe Barry Hussein to be a moslem. To be a religious person of any persuasion, one must first have this thing called: FAITH.

Faith is impossible to adequately define, but it is a genuine feeling of love for a benign creator who's design was for mankind to flourish, be supportive and considerate in their charitable dealings with one another, all the while following a set of rules to better enable all of this to happen. Indeed, the Founding Father's of our nation defined certain truisms to be self evident. What they could not have envisioned was the absolute dearth of humanity that has caused certain among us to be incapable of determining precisely what all men of good will define to be self-evident.

Barry Hussein does not truly believe in anything, save for Barry Hussein. He wouldn't know an imam's speech from the price of tea in China. He reads what they write for him to read. It is always a stretch to declare malice aforethought when discussing the utterings of our boy Barry. His masters, they are a horse* of a different color.

* No. I am not referring to Michelle.

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